Team History:

Tennessee Tech has been competing in Baja SAE events, formerly known as Mini Baja, since 1978. This was first started in the basement of Brown Hall at Tennessee Tech and has since moved to a 4000 square foot shop underneath the East Stadium Grandstands at Tennessee Tech’s Tucker Stadium. This was accomplished due to a grant supplied by Denso, our largest sponsor. From the Brown Hall basement to Tucker Stadium, you can see trophies representing the resounding success of the team.

Tennessee Tech has 12 first place finishes with the next closest team only having won 7. However, the team aspires to be more than that. It is not rare to see the Tennessee Tech BajaSAE team at local Putnam County schools, fairs, festivals, and meetings, stimulating interest of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) to young children in the community. In the past, Tennessee Tech Baja was asked to send senior members of the team to India, giving seminars to help their BajaSAE teams become competitive on a global level. This is only one representation of the success Tennessee Tech has had over the years and the recognition given to the program across the world, today.